Become a Student

Join the NYC ACL at SCNYC and take classes at the facility on 125th Street and Madison Avenue! The classes are for all levels, and you can be as involved as you want to be! We even have some extra armor for students to wear and use when they're ready!

Join the Team

Once you feel you're ready to join the team, then let us know and we'll start trying to figure out how you can get your armor, get you at the level of training that you need, and join us on the field!

Become a Fan!

Hey, you don't have to just be a student or on the team to have a great time with what we do! You can also be a fan of ours! Fans can come to the events, and follow our media coverage, and even help us on the field by helping getting us get into our armor and such! Feel free to get as involved as you'd like to by joining our newsletter (link is on the home age), and or contacting us directly!

Head Instructor for the ACL at SCNYC

Damion isn't just the President of the NYC Chapter and also the Captain of the NYC team, he's also the Head Instructor of the ACL at SCNYC! Click the picture for his bio at SCNYC!


Come join him and the team at the SCNYC facility at 1944 Madison Avenue (corner of 125th Street), in Manhattan, NYC! You're certain to enjoy the experience in whatever capacity you decide to participate!