Team work makes the dream work!

It's a team effort to do all the awesome things we do with the ACL! In NYC, specifically, besides having the national level of the ACL involved, SCNYC is the facility where we do all of our training and tourneys in NYC! These are the leaders of those organizations:

Damion DiGrazia

President of the NYC Chapter

Captain of the NYC Team

Head Instructor at SCNYC

Andre Sinou

Co-Owner of the ACL

Captain of the U.S.A. Team

Owner of Ice Falcon Armory

Jaye Brooks

Co-Owner of the ACL

Owner of Knights Hall

Head Developer of Armored Combat Systems

Raab Rashi

Owner of Sword Class NYC

Armored Combat League

The ACL is not just in NYC! It is across the USA, and is in other countries around the globe!

Sword Class NYC

SCNYC hosts the ACL trainings and tourneys at their facility on 125th Street and Madison Avenue, right here in Manhattan! They offer other forms of sword-centric classes such as Kendo, German Longsword, Fencing, and other classes along with even lightsaber classes for kids and adults!