Team work makes the dream work!

It's a team effort to do all the awesome things that we do with the ACL! In NYC, specifically, besides having the national level of the ACL involved, the Manhattanville Community Center is the facility where we do all of our training, and Draft Barn Beach Coney Island is where we do all of our armored tournaments in NYC. Here are the leadership, facilities, and organizations that help make the NYC ACL experience a reality:

Damion DiGrazia

President of the NYC Chapter

Captain of the NYC Team

Head Instructor at the Manhattanville Community Center and Draft Barn Beach Coney Island

Andre Sinou

Owner of the ACL

Captain of the U.S.A. Team

Owner of Ice Falcon Armory

Armored Combat League

The ACL is not just in NYC! It is across the USA, and is in other countries around the globe!

Draft Barn Beach

This is where we have our armored tournaments and practices. We fight there every Saturday at 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM. The location is 3029 Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island, Brooklyn. We are right next to the go-karts! Please come to watch us there if you'd like to see what it's like when we fight in full-steel armor with steel weapons!

Manhattanville Community Center

Our 100% free classes are at this location and they are every Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:30 PM. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. Just bring some exercise clothes and we'll provide the rest! It's a standard martial arts class combined with armored and weaponized martial arts forms. The address is 530 West 133rd Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam). Feel free to bring yourself, and children, and friends and family, and whomever you'd like! All are welcome to participate in this fun, engaging experience! The classes are all about consent and are no pressure. You can take the content in the classes at your own pace!